Islamic Institute of Toronto

Summer Camp 2015

Monday will be the only day for registration for the upcoming weeks.

funded by the Government of Canada The summer camp receives support from the Government through our participation in the Canada Summer Jobs program.

Alhamdulillah week four was a lot of fun. Last week the kids and counslors both enjoyed the park. This week’s theme is Superhero Week, not a literal Superhero. This week we are focusing on Superheros that affect us, our motivators and inspirator, our mothers and fathers. It may also be athletes and political figures, such as doctors and lawyers.

Arts and Crafts - Superhero week is the time for campers to reflect on the heroes present in their life in a fun and creative way. This week gives campers the opportunity to express their gratitude for their parents, siblings, teachers, and anyone else in their life they consider to be their hero in an artistic and imaginative manner. A hero is considered to be someone who begets change and stands up for what is right regardless of the circumstances. Whether it be Captain America, Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr. or an inspiring teacher all heroes have one thing in common, their ability to persevere for their cause. To capture all of these components of what denotes a hero, the kids will partake in various activities and crafts to exhibit their ingenuity and understanding of what truly makes someone a hero.
- Sr. Aasiyah

Recreation - TWhen the history of Islam is examined, one can find many different people that can be an inspiration to others. These inspirational people could be considered “Superhero’s”. Superhero’s could also be famous athletes who kids look up to. No matter who they are, they are a critical part of a child’s motivation to work hard and strive to be the best.
- Br. Umar & Br. Zakir

Islamic Studies - Alhamdulillah last week of camp was extremely successful for the 7-year-old class. The theme that we based our activities and games around was "Ancient civilization/Islamic History/Around the world". We learned about different cultures and types of civilizations as well as made a few arts and crafts based on historical innovations discovered by Muslims in the past. The kids also engaged in spirit day where they got to dress up in their cultural clothing and present their backgrounds at camp. The campers also looked at the various different architecture in the form of mosques around the world. Personally, as an assistant counselor, this week was one of my favorites, and I hope next week will be even better!
- Sr. Nimra

Attention! We Do Not Accept Debit or Cheque for Trips or Registration, CASH ONLY! Monday will be the only day for registration for the upcoming weeks.

Trip Thursday: Neilson Park (If the weather that day is appropriate), Make sure your children are dressed appropriately for being outside. The cost will be $5.00 for equipment.

Aftercare: Any student that is picked up past 5:30 will cost $10 extra, if you plan on pickiing up your child everyday past 5:30 please see Sr. Yusra our camp coordinator or Sr. Aanisah our administrator.

Personal Belongings: As asked by the IIT, we kindly ask every Friday please take home any and all belongings that might be in the hallway (bags, shoes, etc.) it is a safety concern for other children that come in the evening.

Extra Clothes: We kindly ask that parents of the 4-5 ages please send an extra pair of clothes, for safety we not want to have your child in an uncomfortable state.

Friday: Parents can pick their child/children up after Jummah, we ask that please do not take your child without seeing his/her teacher. It would greatly be appreciated.

Nap Time!

The ages 4-5 campers will have a nap everyday, we ask that parents that has a child in the age groups to send an extra pillow and a blanket as they get tired easily, they can leave it in the class.


Regarding washrooms, pleasure ensure you children clean themselves and keep the washrooms in the masjid clean bearing mind that this is the house of Allah (SWT). furthermore, cleanliness is very important in Islam, as the hadith says, "Purification is half of faith...." [Sahih Muslim, Book 002, Hadith #0432]

Important Allergy Note!

Regarding Nuts, we are appealing to all parents to avoid sending food items such as peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, tree nuts, lentils, kiwi or anything containing nuts & seeds since we have kids who are allergic.


• No transportation service
• Lunch/snacks must be provided
• Field-trip costs not included. Cost varies depending on the destination - attendance is optional. 5 year olds will not be taken on field-trips, they will have a regular camp day at the IIT

All campers (4-5s) must be potty trained! If it is so happens that your child has an accident more than 3 times in the camp, they will not be allowed back into the camp for the next weeks ahead.

Age range   5 - 12 (participants must be 5 by December - proof of age may be required)
Dates   Monday - Friday, June 29 - August 7 [No camp on: Canada Day (July 1); Civic Holiday (August 3)]
Time   9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Free child-care from 8 am - 9 am, and 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Please note there will be a fee of $5 if children are picked up past 5 pm.

Cost   Week 1: $50
Week 2: $60
Week 3: $60
Week 4: $60
Week 5: $60
Week 6: $50
    Field trip costs not included & depend on destination
Field trips   Every Thursday (ages 6 - 12 only)

Job opportunities

We participate in the Canada Summer Jobs program, and have hired several youth for the summer.

Pictures from previous years