Islamic Institute of Toronto

Khateeb Schedule

The purpose of Salaatul Jumu'ah is to create a spiritual and social space for Muslims on a weekly basis, and to educate, motivate and remind Muslims about their faith.

The khutbah has historically been used not only to discuss spiritual matters, but also contemporary issues that are of interest and relevance in any given social context.

Salaatul Jumu'ah at the IIT has the following distinctions:
  1. Qualified khateebs
  2. Khutbas delivered in English
  3. Ample parking
  4. A welcoming (and wheelchair accessible) environment
  5. Space for women and children in the main hall

Khateeb schedule

Apr. 08 Shaikh Ahmad Kutty
Apr. 15 Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick
Apr. 22 Shaikh Musleh Khan
Apr. 29 Shaikh Asad Yakob